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Spring City Squares Dance Club

                  Come Dance With Us:


Where Friendship Meets

In The Middle Of The Dance Floor


                   Every:  1st - 3rd and 5th Saturday: 

                                     7:30 PM TO 10:00 PM at


                            TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH

                             1052 White Rock Avenue

                               Waukesha, Wisconsin


                          Our Hall Is Air Conditioned


                              1st & 3rd Saturdays are:

                         Mainstream, Rounds and 1 Plus Tip

                                       5th Saturdays are:

                                  PLUS ONLY and Rounds            








                                Our club is a member of SEA-SDAW                                

               (Southeastern Area Square Dance Association of Wisconsin)


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Club Caller:  Guest Callers

Club Cuer:  Ruth Siegmann

Presidents:  John & Dee Dee Lopac

Vice-Presidents:  Steve & Jean Reifenberg

Secretary:  Kathy Thuemling

Treasurers:  Mike & Barb Sprecher

Teachers & Special Activities:  Chuck & Jan Muecke

Activity Chairperson:  Pam Erdmann

Publicity Chairperson:  Donna Levielle

Sunshine Club:  Pat Reese

Historian:  **Please contact John & Dee Dee Lopac

SEA Representative:  Dennis Rebek

SEA Alternative Representative:  Cherie Raffel

Web Site:  Lori Chandler