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Spring City Squares Dance Club


                           Club Founders - Len & Ruth Siegmann

  Len and Ruth  were the club caller and cuer  for the Dousman Derby Dancers Square Dance Club.  In 1982 the Dousman Derby Dancers decided to go to an all guest caller format.  At the time, there was a large group of dancers who urged Len & Ruth to form a new club.  Len started teaching square dance lessons in 1982.  In 1983 the graduating class along with other dancers formed what is now the SPRING CITY SQUARES.   It wasn't long before experienced dancers from other clubs decided to join Spring City Squares.

     In 1983 the club became a Chartered Club and by the end of the year had a membership of 87 dancers.  Throughout the years the club has maintained an average membership of approximately 90 to 100 members.  There are still a number of the original charter members from 1983 with the club today.




     SPRING CITY SQUARES is an active square dance club.   We dance at many different clubs and special events in  Southeastern Wisconsin.

     We do Exhibitions at a number of different places such as Retirement Communities, Street Dances, Special Interest Clubs and Nursing Homes.

        Our Club Caller is Len Siegmann (We now have a guest caller for Len) and Club Cuer is Ruth Siegmann.   Ruth cues between May and October each year, then it's off to a warmer climate for those cold winter months!

     From November through April we have a guest cuer at our club for each dance.