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Spring City Squares Dance Club

                   The  Physical & Mental Exercise Of Square Dancing

                                                     Try Square Dancing

                                    It's Friendship Set To Music

      If you're interested in an activity that is Drug Free, Alcohol Free and Smoke Free, where you can meet new friends and at the same time have fun, exercise and forget your troubles, then you should be Square Dancing.

         If you're looking to join a club or just looking for a good place to dance, Spring City Squares Dance Club provides all of the above.

     According to the Mayo Clinic, Square Dancing can burn as many calories as walking, swimming or riding a bicycle.   During just one hour of dancing you will burn off about 800 calories.   Researchers found that each person will travel about 5 miles in one evening of dancing.  This in return will lead to a slower heart rate, lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol.

     The movements of many of the dances strengthens your weight bearing bones (Tibia, Fibula and Femur) and help slow loss of bone mass, also known as Osteoporosis.  

     Square Dancing or Folk Dancing is the only dance called through out the world in the English language.

      And finally, Square Dancing gives you the opportunity to develop strong social ties that contribute to new friendships and a positive outlook on life.

       If you have read this far and you are NOT a Square Dancer, we hope we have peaked your interest.   Spring City Squares would like to invite you to come watch us or join us at our next club dance.      

      Our club has a great professional instructor, Chuck Muecke.  You'll enjoy taking lessons from Chuck, he makes every move fun and easy to understand.

      To find out more about our club lessons click on the link above, (Dance Lessons) for more information .